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GenProbio srl offers a complete set of services including both basic microbiological tests as well as advanced molecular biology techniques.


-Bacterial genome sequencing;

-Exploration of the biodiversity of complex microbial communities with the use of metagenomics approaches;

-Bioinformatics of bacterial genomes;

-Deposit of genome sequences and DNA microarray data on public databases;

-In silico analyses of microbial composition of complex microbial communities;

-Transcriptomics analyses through the use of qRT-PCR and microarray technologies;

-Transcriptomic analyses through RNAseq;

-Molecular detection of bacterial strains and identification through the use of PCR strategies;

-DNA quantification by real-time PCR;

-Microbial typing by Comparative Genomes Hybridization assay;

- Microbial typing through PCR based techniques;

-Taxonomic classification of bacteria by 16S rRNA gene sequencing.



-Isolation of probiotic bacteria;

-Antibiotic susceptibility/resistance;

-Stress response profiling;

-Evaluation of the tolerance to different gut environmental stress (resistance to gastric juices, bile salts; pancreatic juices);  

-Carbohydrate fermentative profiles;

-Evaluation of immune system modulation using in vitro tests;

-Probiotic stability assessment at different storage conditions;

-Adhesion assays to human intestinal monolayers;

-Deposit of strains on International Bacteria Culture Collections.



-Evaluation of gut colonization and persistence in murine models;

-Evaluation of the global genome transcription profiling of probiotic bacteria in murine gut;

-Changes in the transcriptome of probiotic bacteria in vitro models.

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